Support Services

Support Services


Product support services are important towards increasing the efficiency of operation, reducing support costs and improving risks in organizations. The product support services can allow organizations to effectively manage risks, plan for the upgrades of equipments, comply with corporate policies, identify and resolve issues and access support resources faster (Gann & Salter, 2000). It is important for Nike to develop and implement a number of product support services so as to ensure that it remains competitive and productive. This can ensure that it remains competitive in the market and improves its sales and profitability. The support services that buyers of Nike need include after sales services, customer care services, online marketing services and delivery services.

Support Services

After sale services are important in handling various support cases that can be as a result of customers’ dissatisfaction with a product. Upon purchasing of a product from the company, a customer might detect a problem or a defect in a product. The company should be able to provide solution to the problems that a customer experienced with a newly purchased product. The issues that can be solved using after sale support services include the ineffectiveness of a product in meeting customers’ need.  This can help win customers loyalty and promotes the sales and profitability of the company.

Customer care service is also another support service that can ensure that the existing and potential customers of the company are in regular contact with the company. Nike should be able to maintain a 24/7 customer care desk so as to be able to respond to all its customers request, inquiries and various issues. This can ensure that customers concerns are solved as soon as possible hence ensure satisfaction of the customers. The customer care service should also be able to offer communication in different languages to ensure that clients from different language backgrounds are able to get the necessary support that they require from the organization.

Nike also needs an online marketing system that can enable it handle clients from different regions. Online marketing tool has become one of the strategies that modern organizations have employed to gain competitive advantage in the market. Online marketing system can increase sales of the company by making the products of the company available to a large number of customers online (Hartline et al, 2000). This can facilitate online purchase and sales of the company’s products hence improve its marketing efficiency and productivity.

Delivery of products service is also another important support service that companies use to attract customers. The delivery of products to customers’ premises can boost the sales of company’s products. This is because the customers cost of acquiring the products will be significantly reduced. The reduction of cost of the product as a result of delivery services by a company acts as incentive to customers hence attract them to purchase the products of the company. Nike can maintain a delivery service to all its customers so as to attract customers to purchase its products.


Although support services increases the overall cost of organization, it is becoming one of the important strategies that organization use to gain competitive advantage in the market. Organizations with appropriate support services enhance customer’s loyalty and this helps improve the productivity and profitability of the organization.  Nike can ensure close relationship with its customer through implementation of appropriate support services. The availability of support services in the company can enhance customers’ loyalty and improves its profitability. Among the essential support services that customers of Nike require include after sales services, customer care services, online marketing, and delivery of products.



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