Supreme Court Case

Supreme Court Case (25 points)
As part of this assignment, students are required to select a Supreme Court major
landmark case that impacted juvenile offenders. In addition to a brief description of the case
selected, the paper should have three sections clearly defined:
1. The historical context in which the case was argued, e.g., what events took place at the
time that led this particular case to be argued at the Supreme Court?
2. The historical evolution of the case, from the time it was argued in court to the present
time; and
3. The impact and implications the case had in the treatment and management of
juveniles within the court system.
(APA formatted) that
must include as final remarks, a section discussing your personal position with respect to the
Supreme Courts ruling. You will also need to provide adequate support for your position in
relation to the Supreme Courts decision. If you agree with the ruling, discuss why there was a
need for a change in the law. If you disagree, you will include support for your conclusions
regarding the possible negative implications of this ruling on juvenile offenders.
Landmark Supreme Court Decisions (Suggested list: there are other important Court
decisions that you may want to select for Assignment 1)
Kent v. United States (1966)
In re Gault (1967)
In re Winship (1970)
McKeiver v. Pennsylvania (1971)
Breed v. Jones (1975)
Stanford v. Kentucky (1988)
Roper v. Simmons (2005)
Graham v. Florida (2010)

Juvenile Life Without Parole: An Overview

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