Technology can assist both the offender and the security manager. Critically examine how a security manager can draw on technology to as a tool in the management of workplace crime

For this assignment you will initially need to consider what is meant by technology and present a working definition of this. You may also want to focus your discussion and analysis on a particular technology and/or work environment, possibly one you are familiar with, to ensure you can have adequate space for discussion and critical analysis. However please ensure you are drawing on suitable literature to support your discussion and analysis and not simply expressing your personal opinion. Remember it is important to substantiate the statements you make in an academic essay. You will also need to consider why such technologies are used and in what roles, i.e. to identify, prevent and so on. As always avoid simply describing specific types of technology, i.e biometrics, in turn and instead consider where they might be particularly useful and why, in what circumstance. You will need to therefore consider their application in terms of how effective they are as well as any limits there may be to this. You may wish to draw on case studies and/or your professional experience as evidence to illustrate the points that you are making. Please ensure that you take an objective and unbiased approach when evaluating your own experience and incorporate it into your argument in an impartial way.

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