Tennessee Law on advance directives

1. Find the Tennessee law (Tennessee Code 32-11) regarding advance directives.

All states are listed at this site. Scroll down to Tennessee and then click on All Statutes in the right hand column. The Tennessee Code will come up. Click the box beside “Tennessee Code” to bring up the Code Titles. Click on Title 32, which will give you a Chapter list. Click on “Chapter 11 Living Wills.” Double click on the words “Living Wills” and the law, sections 101-113 will come up for selection.

2. Read the law and restate it in your own words. Include all major provisions of the law.

3. Look at the Advance Directive forms used at your clinical facility. If you cannot get one for some reason, ask a classmate to get one for you from their clinical facility. Does it have a name other than “Advance Directive?” What is included on the form? Does it seem difficult to complete?

4. Ask 3 people you know (only one may be a household member) if they know what advance directives are and if they have any. You can ask specifically if they know the difference between a general power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney or other questions that will help you know how much they understand. Write 1-3 paragraphs discussing what you learned from talking to these people.

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