The challenges and issues the podcast industry are currently facing

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I have attached the assignment brief with the order, which is very important to read through. I would like the report to discuss the growth of the podcast industry but mainly also understanding the current issues and challenges the growing podcast industry are currently facing. Like Discovery problems, Having platform problems, The fact that visuals make audio more sharable, Having sharable issues on social media. ( – Talks about on how to attract new listeners by moving beyond sound.
Podcasts have audience measurement issues to figure out for advertises to take them serious. Advertising problems, and lack of diversity. There are many issues but you can mention any other issues that serves relevance to the report. I would also want the mention of the support of itunes and apple, which took podcasts mainstream, im not sure if theres any issues with this but if so, could you please mention.

These are the headings/sections of the report.
Aims and objectives what do you want to achieve and how will you achieve it?
Rationale what is your research focus? why are you exploring this?
Background what is the context of the case study you have chosen?
Theoretical context what does the existing literature say about the topic?
Discussion the discussion section is the main body of your essay where you explore and develop your
ideas / argument.
Conclusion how well did you meet your aims and objectives? How can what youve learned from this
case study, coupled with your journey on the unit, be used to plan your road map to industry?
Recommendations what would you do differently in future?
References and bibliography correctly formatted (this does not count to the word limit)
Appendices include all transcripts of your data and screen shots of your portfolio blog (this does not
count to the word limit).

The brief and assessment criteria directly relates to the intended learning outcomes for this unit. They
1) An understanding of the broad historical and contemporary contexts that have determined the
current structures and modus operandi of the UKs media industry in relation to its workforce;
2) Knowledge of some of the micro-businesses within at least one sector of the industry, with an
appreciation of the particular character, markets and pressures of work within this sector;
3) An appreciation of the kinds of subjective experiences that occupations within the media industry
offer workers, and the strategies used by workers to navigate their careers within such an uncertain
4) An appreciation of issues of professional ethics, work-life balance, and personal pressures typically
faced by media workers.
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