The Connection Between Language and Culture

Research Paper: The Research Paper is an opportunity for students to write about the connection between language and culture and to conduct their own research and analyze it within the context of this course. Students are to elaborate on the concept that language and culture are connected and interdependent. Some examples include gender and language (you can be more specific — in the workplace, in romantic relationships, in families, in friendships, etc.,), or Sign Language, or babies/children and acquiring language, or becoming bilingual or multilingual, or language and class, language and politics, language and bias, etc. The possibilities are almost limitless. Almost anything can be related to language and culture. Furthermore, they must conduct their own research using studies of at least 6 different cultures/subcultures. They must also discuss at least 3 different topics (and no more than 5 different topics) that relate to this course and course material.Throughout the paper, students will analyze the information and data that they have researched. They must also explain how the data relate to the topics of their paper.To sum up, your research paper MUST include:• 3 topics• 6 cultures/subcultures• 6 OUTSIDE SOURCES of research (conducted by the student)For each of your topics, you need to have at least 2 references (hence, the minimum of 6 outside references total).For your ENTIRE PAPER, you are limited to TWO INTERNET REFERENCES. ALL the rest of your references MUST be from a non-internet source. For example, you can use a printed journal article, book, etc. – they need to be typical library references. You can use a trustworthy website as a source for any topic, but it cannot be your only source.Also, make sure that your sources are varied. For example, do not use all of your references from one website or one journal, etc.

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