The Explosive Growth in Marketing through Technology

Students are to submit a commentary based on a current ‘hot’ issue in marketing. The commentary must describe the issue and offer a point of view based on exploration/research of the topic.

Brief Description
This course familiarizes students with the major marketing concepts (buyer behaviour, segmentation, targeting, positioning, product/service development and management, pricing, distribution, communication). It stresses the application of these concepts to a variety of sectors such as profit, not-for-profit, manufacturing, and services. The course also develops specific skills such as problem-solving, verbal presentation, business writing and group work.

Course Objectives
The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with major marketing concepts. Objectives:
1. To familiarize you with how marketing concepts apply to different industry sectors (profit; service and not for profit organizations) and contexts (domestic and international)
2. To develop your problem recognition and decision making skills in a marketing context.
3. To broaden your sensitivity to different cultural, socio-economic and legal environments encountered in the marketplace.

Course Materials
All participants should have a copy of:
1. Marketing, Grewal & Levy, (2009), McGraw-Hill Irwin, ISBN 0071320385 – 2nd Canadian edition
2. The cases. Purchase these directly from Harvard Publishing. The coursepack link is:
The course consists of a mix of lectures, discussions, videos, and case analyses. Active participation is essential if you are to get the most out of this course.

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