To evaluate how the selected company is performing over time, more than one year’s financial ratios are required. Students are instructed to follow the path shown below to retrieve the financial profile for the company via DSM.

  • Go to Qatar stock exchange website:
  • From the menu, click on listed securities then Financial Statements
  • Choose the year 2013 and hit submit, and then download the annual financial report for the firm that has been assigned to you (uploaded on blackboard in excel sheet). The 2013 report contains the balance sheet for 2013 and 2012, the income statement for 2013 and 2012 and other financial statements. (you need the data for 4 years: 2013-2012-2011-2010)
  1. Technical information 

Trend analysis provides signals as to whether the company’s financial health is likely to improve or deteriorate. Each student will perform the trend analysis based upon the following financial ratios:

Leverage Ratios: to measure the extent to which the company’s assets are financed with debt;

Liquidity Ratios: to measure the company’s ability to pay its bills;

Profitability Ratios: to measure the company’s ability to generate earnings;

Efficiency Ratios: to measure the company’s ability to utilize its assets;

Market Value Ratios: to measure the market perception about the company’s future prospects.

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