The Future of Movies follow my details

First, read this article: (Links to an external site.)Bryan Bishop states, \”George Lucas and Steven Spielberg think the film industry is heading towards a cliff. The pair behind some of the most successful franchises in movie history think that conservative programming choices and rapidly evolving distribution schemes have set the stage for a massive upheaval — and internet-based services may become the dominant medium when moviegoing as we know it crashes and burns.\”How are new technologies and new delivery systems changing the the movie industry? What will the movie industry have to do to adapt and retain audiences?Cite two sources (other than Wikipedia and 2014-present) in your response. The Bishop article above does not count as a new source.Also, at the end of your response leave an APA style Reference List of your sources. Review the APA Style guidelines under Course Home.Do not use the following sources or discuss 4D or 4D systems. There is an essay online that students are plagiarizing from including the following sources:Michelle Lhooq (2012). 9 mind-blowing technologies changing the film industry’s future. The creators project.Retrieved from:–2How New Technology is Changing the Film Industry. (2014, May 3). Retrieved April 3, 2015, from

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