The identifcation and cultivation of future nurse leaders.

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I need support in writing the second part of an assignment. Part 1 asked me to write a 750 word outline of a journal article. Part 2 asks to extend this to a 2750 word article.

Minimum of 15 references no older than 5yrs unless historical significance is explained.
Referencing using APA 5th Ed format.
References must come from Leadership and Management literature. NO Textbooks, pop-culture books or general websites.
Must include: Introduction, Discussion with own section/sub-section headings, conclusion and reference list.

Focus on leadership theory and why it is essential we identify young leaders within the nursing profession. How does it benefit the individual, the organisation, the patient?

How does Mentorship, Opportunity and positive organisational culture impact on the ability to identify and cultivate nurse leaders.

Please use the outline essay attached as the basis to the essay. Follow the headings identified and elaborate further with academic research.
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