The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Driving R&D Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A case-study on Roche\’s Acquisition of Genentech.

Need: A- 2000 word research proposal on the subject matter and 12000 word research paper. The priority at this time is the research proposal as soon as possible, and the paper can be delivered at a later time.
Work should be both quantitative and qualitative. It should focus on analyzing research productivity using metrics such as (ROI on R&D spend, # molecules obtaining FDA or EU approval, # of new launches, etc) and comparing them for both Roche and Genentech before and after the transaction took place. Could use t-tests or other applicable statistical analyses to express variance and trends. Graphical representations are welcome.

In addition to quantifying the above, the paper should also discuss why these trends are happening. This is relatively simple and can be found in a number of sources which have commented on this.

Sources should be both primary (FDA approval lists and public financial disclosures of both companies) or secondary (reuters, consultant reports, other papers, etc).

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