The Importance of Human Resource Performance Management

The Importance of Human Resource Performance Management

After conducting the gap the gap analysis in the Motor City Coney Island restaurant, it has become very apparent that the organization needs the Human resource consultancy service. Then a comparison was done between the actual performances of the company with the potential it has, it was found that the staff at Motor City Coney Island does not make the best use of their human resources and managerial skills.   This has made the restaurant to forego the process of investing in technology that will make bring efficiency and enhance the delivery of services to the clients. Examples of the new changes will include touch-screen cash registers, improved drive-thru speakers, central air systems, and online food services. The finding reveals that the reason why the company has foregone doing investments in capital is due to the full development of the human resource to utilize modern tools of trade.  The company therefore needs to train its staff to effectively contribute in the fulfillment of the goals of the organization. The result is that the company operates below its potential and the investments made in the company (Wright, 2011).

The gap potential of the company comes in because of the lack of optimization of the resources that departments are allocated to. There is also the lack of integration of inputs and the human resources are distributed to the different departments to undertake their activities.
Currently, Motor City requires most of the work to be performed by one waitress.  Often times while the waitress is busy with a lobby filled with customers, others will call by phone make complaints.  Some of the complaints include:

  • Length of wait in drive-thru, by phone, or inside restaurant
  • Struggle to clearly place order using the old drive-thru speaker
  • Unsatisfied with how the cook has made food.
  • Waitress has to bag orders, make drinks, and service customers in all areas of restaurant.
  • Complaints often made to waitress for handling the food and cash.
  • Waitress writes the orders and hands them to cook (computer registers will automatically send orders to grill area). This will help to increase speed.


Some of the areas that can be improved include the conducting skills audit and placing each staff in the areas that they are most suited (Jonathan, 2010).  The human resource consultancy will offer the services that involve not only determining, documenting and coming up with a workable plan and training to meet the needs of the organization. The company there will assist in coming up with benchmarks and other assessment tools that will used to guide the allocation and performance of the staff in the organization. In this process, the organization will be able to know the expected performance of the employees in each and every position and consequently will be able to measure the performance of the each staff during the annual performance evaluation.  The organization also needs to have very defined task for each employee, so that they are able to specialize in on certain task that contribute to the goal of the organization. This will be a motivation to the employees to work diligently to earn that promotion or incentive and on the other hand, the organization will be able to effectively identify the best and promote them to key position in the organization.

Determine Why a training or Employee Development Plan is Important

Training is very important for restaurants such as Motor City Coney Island, because it is the only process in which the employees’ skills are enhanced. Its plays the crucial role of increasing the knowledge and capabilities of the waitresses to perform the duties allocated to them. This training program will therefore be able to not only mold the thinking of Motor City’s waitresses, but also enable them to provide quality service to the customers of the company. For this organization, the training program will ensure that there is development in the entire restaurant, since all the human resource will be able to fully utilize their skills and competence.  The training and development program will be provided on four basic grounds:

  • The new staffs who are recruited to join the company will train to familiarize them with the mission and the vision of the organization. For efficiency, the new staff needs to fully understand the work place culture and the regulation to be followed by all.
  • It is important that all the old employees are further refreshed from time to time about the values and the goals of the organization. The training will help in realigning the restaurant.
  • Since Motor City Coney Island has been undergoing changes by the introduction of new technology, the training will enable the employees to cope with the new changes. In this context, the employee development plan will incorporate the new skills and methods of work need to use the new equipment fully and efficiently.
  • Employee development plan will help to prepare for promotion and career growth of the staff. The training will help the staff to have the right skills tom undertake responsibilities of higher level positions.

            Performance improvement plan worksheet

Employee                                                                                        Position

Supervisor                                                                                      Department

Summery of performance expectations also called action plans

This section will involve the indication of the performance improvement goals that are agreed upon are indicated and SMART goals. The specific training needs and other resources needed to help in the improvement of performance. will also be indicated

Timeline for the performance improvement

The performance plan will be operational from today May 9, 2013. We will meet with the manager on monthly basis during this time frame to make evaluation and communicate the progress in comparison with performance expectation.

Failure to provide sustained improvement in performance will result in some disciplinary action that may include the termination of employment.

Supervisor sign                                                             Date

Employee sign                                                               Date



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