The Middle Passage of the Atlanta Slave Trade

Using the excerpts from Alexander Falconbridge\’s \”The African Slave Trade (1788) and Olaudah Equiano \’s Life (1791), and Reverend Robert Walsh\’s \”A Cargo of Black Ivory (1829) and ONE scholarly article of your choosing . Describe the Middle Passage- the overseas journey of enslaved black Africans from west Africa to the New World. Conclude the essay with some comments about what you think of all this, and some thoughts about any relevance o these experiences to today\’s world. Are people still being \”shipped\” in dark holds or containers? Has he Slave Trade ended?USE QUOTATIONS FROM THE EXCERPTS.Also my professor is big on answering the questions being asked and quoting from the excerpts.I couldn\’t get my hands on Reverend Robert Walsh\’s excerpt. If you search up\”reverend Robert Walsh a cargo of black ivory\” on google and it will come up.

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