The Philosophy of Community-Based Correctional Programs

Community Corrections primary function and mission is to protect the community by supervising offenders and reporting non-compliance to the sentencing or releasing authority. The standard conditions of supervision stipulated by state statute, as well as special conditions imposed by the court or sentencing authority, including victim restitution, substance abuse and/or mental health treatment programs, and other sanctions or restrictions. Offenders are monitored through field contacts at their residences, employment sites and other locations in the community.
A probation officer conducts investigations, including pre-sentence investigations, other state investigations and violation reports. For this week’s Assignment you will write a report outlining appropriate referrals which will assist the below
offender, Larry Greene, with available resources.
Consider the following offender profile.
Mr. Greene has little motivation to accomplish many things in life. At 20 years old, he has completed some courses at the local community college and maintained a 2.85 GPA. Mr. Green’s parents are very supportive of him, always providing parental guidance and love needed to progress through life. Mr. Green is unmotivated to achieve much in life and likes to spend his days with his friends that are equally unmotivated.
Write a 3 page expository essay on discussing the philosophy of community-based corrections programs based on Larry Greene’s profile. Your paper should address the following elements:
• Describe at least three goals of community corrections.
• Identify at least three types of community corrections that would benefit Mr. Greene.
• Discuss how Mr. Greene can engage with community correction programs.
• Discuss a minimum of four benefits of community corrections for Mr. Greene.
• Identify the intended outcomes of Mr. Greene participating in the programs you identified.

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