What are genetically modified foods? Probably to some, this term is new to them though some could have heard of it but don’t really know what it entails. They are foods that are produced through the application of the biotechnology. This implies that, the genetic makeup of organisms such as bacteria’s, plants or animals is been altered in order to solve some desired problems. This product derived from the alteration includes s foods and food ingredients, feeds and fiber, medicine and vaccines. Though these technologies for the genetically modified foods promises to offer solutions to the challenges facing the 21st century, they like any other technology poses risks, some which are known while others are unknown. The benefits that come with this technologically modified foods is that there is increased production of products with better taste and quality, reduced malnutrition timer, better nutrients ,yields and increased nutrients. There is also increased resistance to diseases, pests, and herbicides among the crops grown. Some benefits in animal products include better yields in egg production, more milk and meat (Weasel, 2008). The animals are able to become more resistant to diseases and more adaptation to hardship areas. The question which persists is whether these foods are helpful to us or they are all together harmful to us?
The genetically modified foods have been developed due to the arising problems and since they have the capability of solving many of the worlds malnutrition problems, I think they better be adapted. They will also help in protecting the environment by their increased yields with higher resistance to diseases meaning a reduced use of pesticides and other chemicals in the soils. The world population has currently topped six billions and the unfortunate thing is that, the numbers are expected to increase by double in the next 50 years. The major concern that persists is whether the current trends of producing food will be able to feed double the population if it is currently not able to do so efficiently today. This concern is again joined with the fear of the degrading environmental conditions which are leaving more land uncultivatable. There are also concerns about the availability of water for irrigation in the future following the current decrease in it source due to the drastic weather changes. Since there problems posed by changes in nature appear to be more immutable , the next better option in trying to evade these challenges is by coming up with technologies which can be used to produce more yields despite the harsh conditions. (Bodiguel, 2010)
We could give a further look into the benefits that come with this technology of producing foods. The crops being produced by these technologies are pest resistant. This helps to evade the losses brought about by pest infestation which leaves behind devastating financial losses due to low yields. This loss of crops by farmers means that there is starvation mostly in developing countries. Again there are a lot of chemicals which are used by the farmers when producing their crops. These are some undesirable components by the consumers who wouldn’t want to feed on foods with lots of harmful chemicals. These chemicals also deplete the environment of its riches by the excessive use of fertilizers which as a result affect the water supply. So this means that, growing GMO foods would eliminate the application of chemicals in form of pesticides and hence reduce the cost of growing crops. Another benefit on crops is that, since there are some crops which are not cost effective to remove weeds by the available methods and so the use of large quantities of sprays for weed killers (herbicides) becomes the only appropriate technique to use. This process requires a lot of care so that the herbicides don’t harm the crops or the environment. Therefore, crops that are genetically made to resist the effect of the herbicide are of more help as they don’t pose any threat to the environment.

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