The Seattle General Strike: The First City-wide Labor Movement in the US

The Seattle General Strike: The First City-wide Labor Movement in the US

     The War on Capital and Labor



Thesis: The Seattle General Strike did not help the working class gain more than they lost because it was a failed revolution.

I.                   Historical content and background in the year 1919.

A.                The Soviet October Revolution.

1.                  The afterwards effects of the October Revolution to the Seattle General Strike.

2.                  The essence of the Soviet October Revolution.

  1. The October Revolution was a model to the working class in Seattle.
  2. World War I cause the lack of economics.
  3. Working class and unions were pressed and their rights were expropriated .
  4. Anna Louis Strong: A Woman Who Built Legends in the Seattle General Strike.
  5. The radical thoughts of Anna Louise Strong.
  6. She was a left-win journalist, help working class fight against capitalism.
  7. The duration of the Seattle General Strike.
  8. The very beginning of the Seattle General Strike.
  9. The second day of the Seattle General Strike,
  10. The last day of the Seattle General Strike.
  11. Non-violent action of the Seattle General Strike.
  12. The Shipyard Strike.
  13. Workers walked onto the street, the strike finally began.
  14. Whether this labor movement is a successful movement of a failed movement.

    A.         It is a failed activity because the working class did not gain more than what they                           want: wage increase.

    1.        Workers were forced to go back to work under the pressure of police and                National Guard.

  15. The shipyard strike caused workers lost their jobs and were forced to be                              homeless.

    B.       It is a successful movement because their spirit will inspire all working class to      keep fighting for their rights.

    1.       The aftermath of the Seattle General Strike.

  16.       Several labor movements after the Seattle General Strike of 1919.
  17. The labor situation of present world after the Seattle General Strike.
  18. The working class are still fighting for their rights.
  19. The Indian General Strike which occurred in September, 2012.
  20. The longest time of general strike: China Shenggang General Strike.

    B.          The war between working class and capital.

  21.   General Strike is the only powerful weapon that working class have to                                fight against the capitalism.

B.                 The causation of the Seattle General Strike.

C.                 The final results oft the Seattle General Strike.

1.                  The crowds were herd by National Guard and this action was called off.

2.                  The head quarter of I.W.W was shut down and several major union leaders            were arrested by government.

II.                Some unions and people who devoted into the Seattle General Strike.

A.                I.W.W.  (Industrial Workers of the World)

1.                  The  attitude of  I.W.W towards the Seattle General strike.

2.                  The essence of I.W.W.

B.                 A.F.L. (American Federal Labor )

1.                  The attitude of A.F.L towards the Seattle General Strike.

2.                  The essence of A.F.L.

III.                        What actually happened during the period of the Seattle General Strike.


  1.   The influences that the Seattle General Strike brought to present world,                              on the perspectives of the labor and working class.



This is my abstract of my paper. In this section I will write one page which covers my thesis, the main points of my arguments and my concluding assertions.



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