( CJ justice )

The \”War\”on Cops

After viewing the video in today\’s class please answer the following questions.

What are your thoughts and impressions?

Do you agree with MacDonald\’s assessment regarding crime in the inner city?

Is there now, in fact, a \”war\” on the police? If so, who is behind it?

What,if anything, have we previously discussed in this class that was also discussed by MacDonald?

Describe \”The Ferguson Effect\” and discuss whether you believe that it actually exists. Why do you feel this way?

Donald Trump has recently advocated bringing back \”Stop and Frisk\”. Do you believe that this is a constitutional practice. Why or why not?

Which Amendments are possibly being violated?

Do the benefits in possibly reducing crime outweigh the need to protect civil liberties?

Imagine that you are the police chief of a large sized city. You are sitting down for a one on one meeting with the leader of the local Black Lives Matter chapter. How would you go about starting to bridge the gap between your department and their organization?

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