Thesis/Dissertation chapter Topic: London Jazz Festival: Motivating visitor to attend the London Jazz event through Digital Media.

The dissertation may begin with an abstract of 150-200 words (MAXIMUM), which
concisely summarises the research and findings.
Chapter 1 – Introduction
This should begin by stating the research aim and objectives. In essence, this section
will draw upon the dissertation proposal, as modified by what you have learned. [And
remember in drawing up a proposal that aims and objectives should 1) have a clear
focus and 2) be feasible. For example, if the research is reliant on responses from a
hard-to-reach target group, such as the board of directors of a large multi-national firm,
have a contingency or back-up plan ready – in the proposal itself]
The research rationale should follow, explaining the purpose of the research, why it is a
worthwhile topic and its relevance to the specific sector or industry.
You should present a brief conceptual framework upon which your research project is
based. A conceptual framework may be a diagram of how you perceive what is
occurring and why in relation to the subject you wish to research.
4. Research instrument and process should be briefly mentioned.
The introduction should also briefly describe the dissertation content chapter by chapter
and explain the relevance of each to the dissertation as a whole.
A note on Research Aims and objectives
The research aim should be clearly and prominently displayed in one sentence. It is a
good tactic to have it placed on a separate page together with your objectives (see
below). The aim should also appear late and be explained particularly in the introduction
and at the end of the literature review, so that one can see how you get your aim from
the literature you have read. One of the examiners immediate concerns is to assess
whether you have addressed the aim and objectives you have set for your project, so
clearly displaying them will help with their assessment.

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