1. Describe in as much detail as you can the mental representation of objects and categories. Provide illustrative examples where appropriate.

2. Identify and describe three different problem-solving strategies described in your text. Suggest how each strategy might be fruitfully applied in one or more college courses.

3. Distinguish between crystallized and fluid intelligence. Provide an example of (a) an intellectual task that mainly reflects crystallized intelligence and (b) an intellectual task that mainly reflects fluid intelligence. How do crystallized and fluid intelligence change with age in later adulthood?

4. Outline Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Make sure to list and describe each of the types Gardner argues for and provide an example to illustrate the construct. Then, outline Sternberg’s theory of intelligence.

5. Define (a) practical and (b) emotional intelligence. To what extent are these types of intelligence related to the sort of intelligence that is traditionally assessed by standardized tests?

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