Tool or Process Improvement

The main purpose of this coursework is to choose a engineering design or tool/process and develop improvements for it.

The first task will involve deciding what engineering process or tool should be used and why it has been chosen. In this task, you must critically evaluate the tool and choose what aspects of the design you consider inadequate.

The second task involves providing evidence of techniques used to help with the design process. For example, using mind maps, brain-storming, SWOT analysis (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Oppurtunities and Threats), SCAMPER analysis of the design process/tool.

The third task is to be able to come up with a range of improvements that can be made to the process. It is important that this paragraph involves details of how the improvements could be implemented. In addition to this, we will need 8 hand or CAD drawings or both. These drawings must include arrows to show what the process is used for and how it works.

These are a range of ideas used to suggest improvements:

materials, sustainability, efficiency, accuracy, power consumption, cost etc etc.

Finally task four involves selecting a suitable final design and provide a summary of a sound rationale for the decisions made.

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