Traditional and Agile Project Management Approaches

Critically analyze and contrast the traditional and Agile project management approaches in respect of how the project planning process is carried out.

You should find electronic papers from journals and conferences; do not use only Internet resource references.
• Introduce the reader to the topic by providing a summary of what the essay is about
• Provide an overview of the traditional and Agile project management approaches
• Critically analyse the main differences between the two approaches; in particular in terms of the project planning process
• Explore some of the tools, techniques, models and project life cycle models used in the project planning process (e.g. for estimating time, resource requirements and gaining approval)
• Select 2 project planning tools and analyse these in more detail. Justify your choices
• Conclude your findings
• Remember that the word count is 2000 words maximum, be selective with materials chosen
The essay should provide the reader (the marker) with your written understanding of the materials you have researched. All discussion must be supported by relevant academic sources and correctly referenced using the Harvard method. See the detailed essay-marking scheme (on final page on this document) for the mark distribution.
You are highly encouraged to use the e – learning resources provided by Middlesex University to research your essay topic. You must provide a minimum of six relevant academic references for your essay.
• Thoroughly read your sources in order to gain an understanding of the topic.
• Then paraphrase the materials you want to include in your essay.
• It is important that you correctly cite and reference each item you have included in your essay using the Harvard referencing system.
• Your final work must acknowledge the sources you obtained the information from, by using the Harvard referencing system. This needs to take place in text and a full list of references must be provided at the end.

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