Trends in Australian Education Policy

This Assignment involves the following components:

1.Policy Synopsis (800 words) – Identify a Current Federal Australian Education Policy and provide a Summary of the following:

* Title of Policy; date it came into effect; and online location (web address)

* History/Background/Issue it is trying to address

* Aim/s

* Funding arrangements/structure

* Implementation process

* Main target audience/stakeholders and their role in the implementation process

* Relationship to other key policies (state, national or international). Situate this policy as part of a broader trend.


2.Practitioner Reflection (400 words): Reflect on the way the Policy would/has affected your professional practice as an educator and leader. In your reflection you  SHOULD  make explicit links to ideas in Two readings from the Course. You may like to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the policy and the assumptions underpinning it. You SHOULD connect your professional practice to broader trends in educational policy.


Ground Rules

* Select a current Australian federal educational policy area you are really interested in. There are a range of areas to choose from including ICT, basic skills testing, school funding arrangements, equity, values education etc. The Policy MUST be available online.

* Can use the Headings outlined above, but are required to write in academic prose NOT dot-points.

* You can write in both First and Third person as the Reflection does require First person approach * You must supply a Reference List in APA style.



  1. Demonstrate an understanding of Australian Education Policy context.
  2. Critically engage/analysis with contemporary policy issues facing Australian school leaders.



  1. Identification and summary of appropriate trends in Australian educational policy
  2. Critical reflection/analysis on the link between policy, course readings, and professional practice
  3. Quality of communication and academic literacy.



Ball, S. (2008). The Education Debate. Bristol: The Policy Press.

Cranston, N. & Ehrich, L. (Eds.) (2009). Australian school leadership today. Brisbane: Australian Academic Press.

Lingard, B. & Ozga, J. (2007). The Routledge Falmer Reader in Education Policy and Politics.  New York: Routledge. (pp. 1-8)


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