As a student in Turbomachinery class, you have learnt about some of the fundamentals where selection and design principles have been applied. One of the turbomachines that was covered in the course is a centrifugal pump.


This project is divided into two parts:

Part 1

1.   Literature survey

─        Groups/individuals are asked to write a report on a cutting-edge technology in designing/manufacturing of centrifugal pumps and areas of improvement related to it. The following conditions are applied to the report:

i.    The literature survey report is limited to 500 words.

ii.    Only journal paper is allowed for referencing. Style used for references should in IEEE and minimum number of references is three journal paper.

2.   Design of an impeller

─        Groups/individuals will be designing the impeller for the centrifugal pump. The dimensions of the impeller such as thickness, inner and outer radii will be given and fixed as well as blades thickness and height. Groups/individuals can optimize the blades number, inner and outer blade angles to get the best performance. In order to do that:

i.    Use the required analysis and equations to show your work.

ii.    Use SolidWorks to draw your final design. You have to build the prototype using the 3-D printer.

Part 2

1.   Groups/individuals will test their prototypes using the centrifugal pump experiment. The performance of the prototypes with different rotation speeds will be tested.


1.   The following drawing shows front and side view of the impeller.

2.   All dimensions in mm.

3.   Impeller blades are not shown on the drawing. Minimum thickness of these blades should be 2.7mm and maximum blade height /depth should be 7.7mm.



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