1. Image : The initially constructed picture.

2. Identification : The simple process of recognizing the various objects used in constructing the composition, such as two people, a bottle of wine, a sports car, and a highway. This process is restricted to recognizing the integral elements of the frame.

3. Interpretation : In this process, we move from isolating the individual elements and their literal meaning to a consideration of their cumulative statement and their cultural context. This includes the symbolic, metaphorical, and mythical meanings of any ad. In this step we move from recognizing to reading and comprehending. It includes reading the relationships among figures and objects in the frame as well as reading their external, social, and cultural references .

4. Influence : Our ability to recognize and read the process by which advertisements and other visuals are constructed potentially empowers us. It helps to demystify the media and reveal ideological messages imbedded in advertisements. It helps us recognize the concealed and cumulative nature of these messages and their potential social impact. Finally, we have the opportunity to utilize such visual techniques in our own creations and communications.

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