Understanding Poverty in Education

The title of this class is Race Class and Power in Schools

Read: Chapters 1-3 Framework for Understanding Poverty (see attachment)

Take the quiz, “Could you survive in poverty, middle class, upper class?” p. 38

You will use the results in your paper.


Write: Reflection Paper – Discuss how an understanding of culture and values of poverty may enable educators to help students and parents.

Reflection Paper – APA style, 3-4 pages of text Topic –

APA style Guidelines: In this and all of your papers, you are required to use APA manuscript format (there is an owl@purdue link in announcement, which will be very helpful). In addition, please follow these formatting requirements, some of which are course specific: * Use 1 inch margins on all four sides of the page. * Use 12 point size Times New Roman font style. *Double space your document and indent paragraphs. *City your sources: include a reference page with APA-style formatted bibliographic citations and use in-text citations for this class. *Insert page numbers within the header at the top of the document, not typed into the body of your paper. *4-6 pages of text without the title and reference page. *Use at least 4 outside sources. *Be sure to include a running head. THE TEXT BOOK MUST ALSO BE CITED AND USED.


The book is

Payne, R. (2005). A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Highlands, Tex:AHA process


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