Unit VI Article Review

Unit VI Article Review

Various researches have been conducted in the field of business by different researchers. These researches are essential in helping increase the knowledge scope of the researchers and the readers.  This paper reviews the article, “Performance implications of market orientation, marketing resources, and marketing capabilities” by Ngo, Liem Viet and O’Cass, Aron. The article was published in 2012 in the journal of marketing management.

This is a research study that sought to examine how marketing orientation, marketing resources and marketing capabilities contribute to the firm performance. This study was done in reference to competitive capability theory.  Every business aims at gaining competitive advantage in the market place. Therefore, marketing is vey important in ensuring that indeed the company remains competitive.  The article has an abstract which provides an overview of what the study is comprised of, has also background information on the study areas that helped to increase understanding about the broader concept about marketing.  The research has various hypotheses that the researchers sought to test and find out whether they are appropriate or not. There is also a methodology section, results section and conclusion.

The researchers used empirical study to collect data from manufacturing and service   industries in Australia. A sample of 1000 firms was selected from national business database (Liem Viet & O’Cass, 2012).  Only senior executive in single business were served with a self-administered questionnaires in data collection.   163 surveys were retuned representing 16.3% response rate and were incorporated in the analysis. 60% of the firms operated in domestic markets while 40% served in international markets (Liem Viet & O’Cass, 2012). Data analysis was done using Partial Least Square (PLS) in estimating the theoretical models (Liem Viet & O’Cass, 2012). The results in the study indicated that industries that are market oriented are able to influence the level of marketing resources that the firm poses and have the capability to deploy such resources.  Consequently, a business that has marketing resources and capabilities are able to ensure that a firm performs because these are drivers of performance. The impact of performance is usually greater when market capability and resources are combined.

The article structure is organized and the language is easy to understand.  The article is also credible based on the fact that it has been peer reviewed. It also substantiates its claims using other researcher’s findings making it authentic. The authors are also qualified people who posses relevant skills in the areas of marketing. Viet Nguo is a marketing lecturer at the Australia school of business, the University of New South Wales. While O’Cass is a professor of marketing at the school of management faculty of business university of Tasmania.

The article also captures on aspects of productivity and finances apart from marketing which is the dominant focus.  The productivity of a firm is dependent on its level of marketing strategies.   For the business to undertake marketing to achieve high productivity, it requires resources in terms of finances. These coupled leads a firm to gain a competitive edge.

The article is of relevance to me personally as well as professional life. Personally, it has made me to grow and to equip myself with more skills on marketing. I have enough skills about marketing and if I were to carry out my business, I will be able to make sound decisions that would allow me to have a competitive edge. Professionally, it has helped me to appreciate the fact that business requires strategy for success. Marketing becomes very effective, if there are resources and capabilities. I have also learned about the various aspects of carrying out research as well as the challenge to me to also advance and help to add more knowledge on the existing knowledge through research in marketing.

In conclusion, I find this article precise and informative. It has widened the scope of my thinking with respect to marketing.  If managers of various firms put into consideration the recommendations, they can help their companies to gain a competitive edge. I personally have also gained from the article.



Liem Viet, N., & O’Cass, A. (2012). Performance implications of market orientation, marketing    resources, and marketing capabilities, Journal of Marketing Management, 28(1/2): 173-     187.



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