UNIT1 IP Laying the Foundation for Quality

Assignment Promp Unit One (Week One):

Do an Internet search, supported with references and in-text citations, for a real company example that saw dramatic improvements as a result of adopting a formal TQM program (pick any one). In your paper, cover the following specific items:

Note the following suggestions based on the 6 assignment prompts:

Provide a title page.
Introductory Paragraph: Name of the company, what it does, and the kind of competition it faces
Body Paragraph One: The specific event or issue that drove it toward embarking on a formal quality improvement program

Body Paragraph Two: A desrption of any implementation challenges

Body Paragraph Three: What results were achieved (be specific)

Body Paragraph Four: Any disappointments or unresolved issues

Conclusion Paragraph: What you learned from doing the research
References page: this a new page at the end of the essay listing your resources concluded.

Please review this video and note the text information also: The 5 Paragraph Essay Format: http://www.englishdiscourse.org/5.paragraph.essay.format.1301.html

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