Urban Studies, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Question that needs to be answered in essay : Jane Jacobs provides two specific proposals to help make modern cities livable: one involves subsidized housing, while the other entails attrition of the automobile. What are problems that Jacobs is trying to solve, and how realistic are her proposals?Please answer this question without summarizing the book. Jane Jacobs talks about the attrition of automobiles but keep in mind she doesnt hate them. She also isnt anti-technology as many would think. She sees automobiles as a problem but she prefers them over the horses that were used to before for travel and left their feces and mess all over the place. Automobile and trucks improved life opposed to horses. That is why she opposed the ideas of Robert Moses as well. He wanted to get rid of parks and places for pedestrians to walk and explore and wanted highways and roadways instead. This limited humans and made them use automobiles instead of walking. She didnt like those ideas at all. She prefers people go outside in their neighborhood and spend time there. She also wants subsidized housing which will help the poor so they can rent apartments. Also, in this essay please tell the proposals she is trying to make and how realistic they all are. You can also talk about the gentrification she talks about in the book and how she doesn\’t want public housing because it would segregate things. Use several quotes and indicate the page the quote was on as well from the book and thorough explanations as well. Don\’t summarize the book and give good explanations of her proposals. Also the information i provided expand on it with proof from the book and expand on her ideas. Thank you.

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