urban studies, The Life and Death of Great American Cities

Question that needs to be answered : For Jane Jacobs, three of the elements that make a city livable are its sidewalks, the size of its blocks, and its parks. According to Jane Jacobs, in what way can sidewalks, the size of the blocks, and parks contribute to a livable city? Provide examples from the book and your own experience.That is the link to the pdf of the book to which this essay has to be based on, along with personal experience stories as well. Jane Jacobs the author basically tells us many things about the way cities work. She stresses some things like if a park or sidewalk is very empty it is dangerous. However, if its is always filled with people it is much safer and overall a better neighborhood. This is because with more people watching there is a less likely chance of something bad happening to you. She also opposed a man name Robert Moses who wanted to build a lot more highways and road ways and he wanted to remove parks and thats why she opposed him. He made less space for pedestrians and more for cars. She doesnt oppose cars but just didnt agree with the way Robert Moses did his work. She also didnt want a lot of gentrification. She didnt want rich and poor separated from each other. She wanted cheaper housing for the poor as well. Those are not the only points she makes please use others as well along with personal experiences. Also use of quotes from the PDF are necessary as well. And no summarization of the book just the question answered in detail, and you can create your own personal experiences and use 6-7 quotes from the book. Make sure the quotes aren\’t extremely long as well. Thank You.

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