Vaccination vs autism


Vaccines do not cause autism


From the research conducted by Kelley King Heyworth, it indicates how the medical community at large is in support of childhood vaccination. From the study, there aroused arguments against the use of vaccines since it was believed to cause autism but Heyworth disagrees with them by proving that vaccination is not in any way connected to autism. Based on the information provided by the doctor in Heyworth statement, the connection between vaccination and autism is coincidental due to the immunization schedules and the diagnoses carried out on autism. This was because the rate at which the disease is high is the time when most of the children are at a younger age and this is the time when they are exposed to vaccination.  Therefore, Heyworth warns parents who refuse to vaccinate their children with the fear of autism are at a high rate of endangering them. This exposes their children to other diseases such as whooping cough and measles. The whole community must work together to ensure that such cases are minimized in the whole community to prevent the community from experiencing common diseases such as measles and whooping cough that can be prevented through vaccination. The unvaccinated population tends to be weak and un resistance to common diseases and therefore, it is upon the parents to ensure that their children are vaccinated at the right age. This is supported by the article written by Heyworth to parents and all group concern in his magazine enforcing them to accept vaccine and avoid the comparison between vaccination and autism.

Based on the research carried out about vaccination, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in line with the American Academy Pediatrics, they advocated for the vaccination of children 2 years and this prevents them from 14 more diseases, which attacks those who are not vaccinated. The government also agrees with Heyworth in that all children under the age of two be vaccinated to prevent them from common flu in future and other related diseases.  The government has strongly educated the public about the importance of immunization whereby the government considers it as the most achievement in the health sector. Many parents still doubt about vaccination despite the reassurance provided by qualified doctors who have provided evidence concerning the importance of vaccination. The disgusting thing is that even educated and dedicated parents also opposes vaccination terming it as the major cause of autism ( David, 2010).

The government has been able to attain a total of 76% in vaccination by 2008 although the target is 80%. In some nations, parents do skip the shot by not taking their children’s for vaccination. They base their arguments on religious beliefs and philosophical examples which is against vaccination and also using the state laws which demands  that all children be vaccinated before getting admitted to nursery schools. In U.S, the emerged diseases have been taken control by vaccination thereby reducing chances of children by exposed to other related diseases. In order for the whole community to get protected from this kind of disease, more than 80% of the children must be vaccinated to avoid the spread of other diseases. This statement was supported by pediatrician Lane Rodewald who is the director of immunization Service Division.





David P. ( 2010). Clark Germs, Genes, & Civilization: How Epidemics Shaped Who We Are Today. Upper Saddle River.



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