value for money section

Case Study Assignment:



Social or Civil Infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, water supply, child care, prisons, aged care homes, motorways, bridges, ports, railways, sewerage, telecommunications, power, convention centres or similar PPP projects outside Singapore. Look at Asia, Australia, Europe, the UK or the Americas.


  • Teams of 4 people (a 5th member only by request)
  • Each member to drive one section of the report
  • Introduction to the project section by all members
  • Conclusion section by all


PPP case study selection:

To proceed discuss with your team on the PPP project you would like to investigate (i.e. out of your five international PPPs requested for your individual homework, find out more information of each, discuss and select one for your assignment).


Submission date 16th of March via RMIT portal (one on-line submissionper team).


Length: a minimum of 2000 words per section including the Introduction section:


  • Project Introduction section (ie. background to the project, the Government organization (client) who commissioned the project, historical aspects to the project, political aspects to the project, other background issues such as the local economy of the country where your particular PPP project is place)
  • Value for money section (ie. Capital cost, construction cost, cash flow model, lenders, financing and revenue streams via the PPP, cost-benefit…)
  • Risk management section (ie. SPV structure, detailed description of organisations forming the SPV including the client, due-diligence, track record, concession period, risk-tranfer… )
  • Innovation (design/engineering) section (ie. such as the architectural and design features for building projects, for engineering projects you should also investigate and discuss the engineering environmental features and design innovations, in this section you should insert quality images and drawings but only as necessary to inform your text. Otherwise ad them the Apendix.
  • Operations including Facilitie Mangement (FM), Whole of life Cycle, future proofing, refreshment perriods and obsolecense during the commissining of the project.
  • ICT / BIM – this section only applies to team of 5 members. The fifth member is to investigateIT software, systems and technologies utilized for design documentation and contract coordination. In particular hi-end CAD systems such as BIM. If traditional CAD systems were utilized you must discuss the potential value of emerging Building Information Modelling (BIM) and similar to your particular PPP project.
  • Conclusion section should be a reflection of the team discussion of lessons and findings of your 4 or 5 headings. You conclude with an appraisal of the overall project providing a balance of pros and cons. Recommendations. Remember to conclude as a team – for this you will have to come together and discuss each of your sections. Use a little or as many words as you require!


Submitted reports are expected to be of professional standard including content and presentation i.e. avoid pixelated images, check your grammar, quality content! Overall, reports have to have a professional feel. You may insert diagrams, tables and drawings only if directly relevant to your text, otherwise they should go to the Appendices! Do not forget to provide a reference list including reports, papers and web sites. All reference material should be acknowledged!




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