1. Briefly describe the market in which DealMax is operating. Do you think this is an attractive market to be in? Why or why not? [10 points]
2. What value proposition does DealMax offer to its customers? [10 points]
3. One of DealMax’s key competitors is Mozo ( How do the business models of DealMax and Mozo differ? Which business model do you think is superior? Give reasons for your view. [10 points]
4. Can the market in which DealMax operates be considered to be a “winner-takes-all” market? Why or why not? [10 points]
5. Do you think DealMax would be an attractive company for an acquirer to purchase in a trade sale? Name some companies (at least 2) that you think could be potential acquirers of DealMax, along with the rationale for each acquirer. [10 points]

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