Violence in Contemporary Drama

As a part of studying the “Themes in Global Cinema”, this essay must be about the usage, varying forms, and purpose(s) of violence in contemporary drama or theater.

Only one film from the following list MUST be referenced : Imitation of Life (1959), ;A Separation(2011), Honey and Ashes (1996), Fire(1996), Brother(1997), Aguirre, The Wrath of God(1972), Ran(1985), ;Battle of Algiers(1966), Waltz with Bashir(2008), Spirited Away (2001), City of God (2002),Metropolis (1927), The Battleship Potemkin(1925), The Cranes are Flying (1957).

ADDITIONALLY, reference to at least three scholarly articles are required. One of them must be from Martin Esslin’s Essay on Violence in Modern Drama, which is one of his essays in a collection from his book Reflections: Essays on Modern Theatre published in 1971. Y

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