Vitronics Soltec

This essay focuses on Vitronics Soltec, a global leader in the world of soldering equipment and their accessories. An outline of the company’s mission statement is: Vitronics Soltec aims at design and manufacturing of high quality mass soldering equipment for the ever-expanding global circuit board assembly market. Key preference is given to continued growth, through use of advanced technology, in ways that benefit our customers by coming up with highly innovative soldering accessories which fit the unique needs of our customers in the rapidly changing global market.
Vitronics Soltec manufactures soldering equipment and products ranging in the Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering. Its factories are are in the U.S notably at Stratham, NH, in Netherlands at Oosterhout and in China at Suzhou. Direct sales and customer support centers are found in United States, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Shanghai and Malaysia. Vitronics Soltec has invested noteworthy resources in the advancement of superior soldering process knowledge, which serve their customers directly and caters for the development of easy to upgrade high quality products. Vitronics Soltec’s child company, Advanced Technology Group, hires the best soldering experts who collaborate with institutes of technology and particular end users to develop in-depth tools and expertise for in the circuit board assembly industry. Vitronics Soltec’s products are highly used in application engineering, on the field service, help-desk support and selective tooling development.
Inventory management involves a direct sales and support centers acquiring and maintaining sufficient merchandise assortment levels in order to ensure stock holding and handling expenses are kept at a minimum. Proper inventory management should be ensured throughout ordering, handling and shipping. A system to identify requirements, set aims, provides replenishment techniques and report actual and projected inventory status should be put in place. It should be capable of tracking materials entering and leaving stock rooms and reconcile the stock balances (Vitronics Soltec, 2007)

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