What are organizations/marketing managers looking for from marketing graduates.

1) Develop, Draw, Fill and explain the following three circles: (1400 WORDS)

A) Organization Need Circle: What are organizations/marketing managers looking for from marketing graduates. Reviewing the strategic marketing insight videos and also researching job positions/descriptions (or vacancies) as posted in variety of job search websites will assist you in crafting this circle.

B) Competitors Offering Circle: Explore websites of other universities to explore how they are preparing their graduates. Explore/research/assume the offerings, skills and attributes other candidates are offering addressing to the need of the position.

C) Your Circle: Identify your own skills, capabilities and offerings that provide point of parity and/or point of differences when it comes to your offering to the employers. Exploring and identifying your personal brand (i.e. knowing thy self) can assist you to uncover things which you have been doing but not aware of until now. You can informally ask your current employer (if applicable), friends, mentor and family to help you understand how they perceive you. Also leverage on the skills and graduate learning outcomes you have achieved as a Deakin graduate that gives you an edge over others. Be creative!!


Using the lessons learnt from Part A of this assignment, create a three minute video presentation pitching yourself as Deakin graduate majoring in marketing.

Your video may reflect the following elements. This is a given as a guide only but be creative!

ii) What are your USPs as a Deakin graduate specializing in marketing (i.e. your personal brand)

ii) How do you envision yourself excelling and growing in the next decade.

There is no set structure for your video pitch but may only be 3 minutes in length and has to be professionally presented. You need to do it in such a way so that you can link or upload this video later on in your LinkedIn or any other professional online account.

Please find Proffesional Identity Development assignment brief in 2 PDF formats uploaded in attachments.
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