What does the Christian Bible say about Jews and Judaism.

How did you feel while reading these texts? (Confused? Enlightened? Glad? Sad? Mad?) Based merely on the texts you read, is this a religion you would be happy to belong to or to convert to? Why? What do you like or dislike about these texts? Why? What are the verses that touched you the most? Why? Do you believe what is said in these texts is “the Word of God” that people should follow in order to become holy and go to heaven? Why? In light of these Biblical texts, do you think that critical thinking is useful in order to have a genuine faith, or it is a waste of time that leads to loss of faith?

What is the Judeo-Christian idea of God according to these texts?

What are the characteristics or qualities of God according to Judaism and according to Christianity (as exemplified in these texts).

Does this seem to be radically different and superior to the religions of the so-called pagan people? Explain

What does God in the Bible of Jews and Christians say about foreigners or immigrants, slaves, women, mixed marriages, tattoos, gays, war, violence, and members of other religions who do not follow Christianity or Judaism.

How should be treated those who worship idols? (add to your paper the specific verses concerned)

What does the Christian Bible (especially the New Testament) say about Jews and Judaism.

Is Judaism portrayed as a decent religion in the New Testament, and Jews as good and spiritual people?

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