What is the human resources role in managing culture: AMEX & National Bank

Culture issue at AMEX:
1. Multinational organization.
2. Local employees not more than 30%
3. English is the only communication language
4. Parties are made in western style not local
5. Locals are not getting high positions and works in low levels mostly
6. Women are not getting the same benefits, treatments and office designs as the male
National Bank through its HR avoided these issues through:
1. 90% of its employees are local
2. Local are everywhere in the structure of the organization
3. Male and female have the same benefits and salary packages and office design
4. Parties and gathering are made in local styles after voting from all employees on the time, location and style
5. Both local and English languages are used together for all communication and employees are free to use anyone in their individual communications
6. Clear promotion, bonus, and salary increase policy are made available to everyone
7. Create employees committee to deal with issues and complaints

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