What is the meaning of architecture today and what does it mean in the future?Has the role of an architect changed?

this assignment is two parts the first part is the A3 the second is the report . There is example files to show what is an a3. For this order is the A3 will have template to fill.I\’ve attached the example files and the template. The 2nd part is the report.* the A3 is bsed on the ideas of the report.This is the description of the assignmentPart 1The A3 report is a system for implementing Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) management, which is simple yet disciplined and rigorous. The template fits on a single sheet of A3 (11×17 sheet) and documents the results of the PDCA cycle in summary form. It guides users through steps needed to determine the root causes of an organizations problems and to address them systematically. The report describes problems and available information so as to understand their ramifications quickly, focusing on improving processes and solving the problems.For the Final Assignment, use the A3 Template (blank) to capture your thoughts on “How the Industry can be better using Lean and Integrated Practices.” (3) sample A3 reports are included to help you understand the content needed. (part 1 = 100 points).A3 Template – blank.docxPreview the documentView in a new windowPart 2Presentation to the class on what you believe is the future of Architecture (Part 2 = 100 points)Things to consider when writing your report:How does Lean and Integrated Practice fit into the AECO industry? What makes it better? How does it change existing processes?What does it mean to collaborate and how has it changed from the way the industry used to collaborate?How has Integrated Project Delivery changed design and construction contracting?What does the workflow look like for current designers and what will it look like in the future?What is the meaning of architecture today and what does it mean in the future?Has the role of an architect changed? What was the role of an architect in the past and what does the future architect look like?What technologies are used currently and in the future, and why? “Things that do not provide value, seem to disappear.” If used right, new technology can bring great value to a process, but it is understanding the process first and then understanding the technology that can bring the most value.Is there a need to change an architect’s current workflows in order to benefit the design process?Do current architects design efficiently or are there other ways to bring more value to their design process? Maybe: Lean Methodologies, Integrated practice, BIM technologies.Have architects lost their sense of design due to BIM authoring software such as Revit by focusing too much on creating a model?What does the Architecture market look like? Are there lots of projects available to design? What types of projects are available? Educational? Healthcare? Hospitality? Transit? What effect does this have on architects?Is the architecture profession in decline or is it rising? And why?Why are architects leaving design firms to work for other industries (Contractors, owners, Hospitals, army core of engineers, airports, etc.)**** The A3 has a talk about the same topic as the report but that does not mean that you copy what you wrote in the repot to the A3.

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