1.identify the intended recipient. lay out the situation and give brief overview of your suggested strategy for successful persuasion                        2.discuss in detail who the persuader will need to persuade, what they believe, how to navigate those beliefs, how they will respond to different approaches etc. include information form at least 3 sources to help the persuader understand the understand the audience. use sources that help the persuader gain insight into how their audience feels about the issue.                                                                                                                                3.give an overview of the issue the persuader will argue and then identify the most important information and approaches for presenting it that the persuader will want you to utilize. incorporate information from at least 3 other sources in this paragraph as well. provide a general overview of what the persuader can gain from each of the additional readings you suggest.                                                                                                                           4. identify some of the best rhetorical strategies available to the persuader and evaluate several possible approaches, culminating in a plan of persuasion that fits the audience and the issue you have chosen, thus building on the previous 2 sections. Include and cite strategies from the textbook Thank You For Arguing along with including two additional sources on persuasion.

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