Why Do People Make Errors in Eyewitness Testimony?

Topic Selection ActivityStep 1: Select a chapter from our text that interests you the most.Step 2: After reading the chapter, select one specific topic discussed within it that you think you would be interested in researching and learning more about for the rest of the quarter.Step 3: Write a paragraph that includes the name of the chapter you selected and the specific topic you want to research. Describe one thing that you learned about your specific topic from reading our text and one thing about the topic that you would like to learn more about.Name of the chapterCHAPTER 8: Everyday Memory and Memory ErrorsWhy Do People Make Errors in Eyewitness Testimony?!!! please read this topic on page 1 of the attachment I down loaded to you !!!!!!Reference:Goldstein, E.B. (2015). Cognitive psychology: Connecting mind, research, and everyday experience> (4th ed). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.The requirements for this essay are as follow:➢ Cover Page➢ Pages 6 full pages not including Cover page or reference page➢ The assignment should include a title page, abstract, body of paper, and a separate page entitled \”References\” listing sources used and attached to the end.➢ Reference page with 6 source credited citations➢ 12 time new roman➢ APA style formatting is required double-spaced with 1\” margins on all sides of each page➢ In text citation➢ 5 credited sources➢ Do not use in it. Wikipedia and other encyclopedias, online dictionaries, answer supplying websites such as WebMD.com, About.com, Ask.com and Answers.com, which do the work of synthesizing information for readers, newspapers, magazines and textbooks cannot be used for the paper.➢ No more than 2 direct short sentences of direct quoting* Out line* Bibiography* Formating* Plagiarism Check

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