Why I am a Compatibilist (Only Text that can be used is “Philosophy: A Thematic Approach” by Douglas Thiel ISBN 13: 978-1511754408 )

Remember, Examples from other text books are not allowed nor any citation is allowed. Your first sentence is your thesis (point of view). The body of your essay is a thesis defense. It needs to contain reasons to support your thesis gained from an understanding of what is in your course text and the videos you watched. In the course of your thesis defense consider a strong “counter-argument” to your thesis and show why this counter-argument does not negate your thesis. This is an \”I\” paper and not a research project or book report. Your thesis selection and thesis defense should be based on your understanding and reflection. It should be the result of careful consideration and study. It needs to be in your own words. This does not mean that you simply provide a point of view off the top of your head. You need to have read and studied the material listed and correlate your thinking with what is contained in the history of philosophy to which you have been introduced. You can, of course, devise your own examples that you might feel helps defend your thesis selection. Keep them relevant.

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