Why I am a Good Applicant to the Kelley School of Business

Why I am a Good Applicant to the Kelley School of Business

I have always had a fond regard for business, a deep rooted passion that can be traced from childhood. This paper presents my justification for application to the Kelley business school and the reasons why I should not be left out. My qualifications for entry into this school and desirable business attributes and abilities are concisely presented in this paper.


Confidently, I have the relevant qualifications for entry into the school. My exemplary performance has been shown in both primary and high school, particularly, excellence in mathematics which has been my best subject since early childhood. I am very certain that without proper knowledge of mathematics, it is absolutely difficult to manage in the business world. As such, I have taken the subject very seriously and seen it as a gateway to the realization of my business dreams which I have borne for years.

Apart from my excellent performance in Mathematics, I have been a good business studies student, and unlike many, I have not taken it as a punishment, but rather done it with a lot of passion. I enjoy the subject and feel as if it is part of me.

I believe that communication is a very fundamental aspect of doing business especially in the contemporary society where information and communication technologies have continuously been used by great many organizations to shape the way things are done. As a result, I have taken computer studies as a very grave aspect of my future career. I am very good in computer. I have interacted with various information systems, and I believe this is one of the ways to ensuring excellence for me and my future organization especially at a time when there is a lot of competition and my organization has to meet the needs of clients as cheaply, promptly and conveniently as possible. Apart from my ability to use computers and information systems, my communication skills are just impeccable. I know for certain that I cannot be able to succeed in business without this important tool. My communication skills both at the personal level and even the presentation skills are good. This is something I consider very significant to my success in business. As a potential business student, candidate and expert, I believe that communication in business is not just limited to speaking, but it goes far and beyond. Business communication involves skills related to negotiation, social networking and even sales. I have the knowledge and ability to practice all these fundamental business communication skills and tools.

I am well acquainted with good knowledge in English. I am able to speak fluently and write conveniently in English without any problems. This is very ideal for business especially where international clients are involved. My ability to learn first and grasp new knowledge and ideas is yet another boost to my qualifications to be a good business student. I am currently pursuing other foreign languages apart from English, and my belief is that I’ll be through with Chinese, German and French which I am do concurrently.

These qualifications portray that I am a right candidate for the application to the Kelley business school. I have a great conviction that I will continue to do well as have always done. I have several certificates of being the best student in business studies and mathematics in both my primary and high school. Besides, I have the drive to take to greater heights my skills and knowledge to for individual benefit and for the benefit of the society at large. This opportunity is so essential for me, and it is one I would not love to lose. I, therefore, feel that my application to the Business school is justifiable and would be very grateful if considered joining the school and develop more skills towards a better business society.

The attributes and abilities I would like developed

There are certain attributes and abilities that I would like to enhance and develop further by joining Kelley school. As much as I have very good communication skills, I do not really imply that I am perfect in the area. Because this area is very important for business, it is one attribute that I would like to develop. I want to enhance my communications skills further especially in the field of information and communication technologies. I believe this is one area where I will benefit from Kelley school.

As a future business manager, I believe that planning will be one of my important duties and skills. I, therefore, would also want to have my planning skills developed greatly. In this regard, I would love to be a good strategic planner with the ability to see the road ahead. I would love to have the attribute of having the ability to see an opportunity where others see none. My project management skills are also very important for me as a future business manager. From the Kelley school, I believe I will have the opportunity to develop and enhance my project development and management skills. I also wish to see my financial management skills developed in this reputable school as this is also very critical for any business manager.

The management of risk is another aspect that I feel is fundamental to an aspiring business manager. As such, I would seek to nurture and develop risk management skills and abilities so that I can apply them to risk situations that may bring the business to its knees if not well managed. Logistics is another key issue I seek to see developed. I would love to grasp the opportunity to get to know how I can be able to get the right people to do the right jobs as far as the management of business is concerned.

I would also seek to enhance my productivity, which I consider as one of the main success factors to being a successful business manager. With respect to productivity, there are certain areas that lay key focus. Such areas include the time management of which I have always been a keen observer. I know that time is a resource which if not properly managed, may significantly bring a good business enterprise down to its knees. Proper, expert meeting management skills are also key to the success of a business, and I seek to develop these skills.

Another very key area is that of leadership. I would love to use this opportunity to develop my leadership skills for the benefit of any organization that I will work for. Leadership helps in business in helping to take the lead. It ensures that people are encouraged to do the things they may otherwise not want to do for the benefit of the team and the organization as a whole. It also ensures that the right people are encouraged to do the right jobs. These are the attributes I would like to develop.

I also believe that business requires a high level of creativity. As such, I would like to develop and enhance my creativity. With regards to creativity, I will focus on areas such as widening my imagination, inventiveness, problem solving, critical thinking, brainstorming and making connections. With my qualifications and the desire to improve and develop these attributes and abilities, I believe that I will come out of Kelley school a prepared business manager ready to face the real challenges while grabbing the opportunities in the business world.




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