William Merritt Chase Portrait

William Merritt Chase Portrait

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William Merritt Chase (1849–1916) was born in Indiana. He studied in Indiana Polish later joined New York’s National Academy of Design before furthering his studies in Europe. Robert Blum, J. Carroll Beckwith and Merritt became the founders of the Society of American Painters in Pastel. Among his great works, which appeared in 1884 was his self-portrait. The art work first appeared at W. P. Moore’s Gallery in New York in the same year (National Gallery of Art, 2013).

Chase were among the modern artists who came up with the American Impressionism and Realism. This was majorly due to his wide travel in Europe and the influence of friendships he made. He painted several New York Park scenes between 1886 and 1890. The painting reflected upon urbanization and the coming of the new era. Among these painting were the Prospect Park and Tomkins Park of 1887. Merritt painting of the Parks was in pursuit of beautiful composites of architectural features of the modern era. His works featured genteelness with feminine activities: a deviation from the old impressionism (National Gallery of Art, 2013).

Patel was a breakthrough in new artwork. It signified freedom that was engulfing art world. The art included mediums such as watercolor, etching and wood engraving. These development in art came following the end of American civil wars. He treated pastel with freedom and all oil vigor that he had. Chase traveled and gathered impressions a lot of impressions of the new era, which he effectively added into his work. Despite his pursuit for modernism, Chase never abandoned reference to old art works. His portraits reflected modernism as well as elements of old paintings (National Gallery of Art, 2013).


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