World Mythology

This is a term paper for my World Mythology class. The topic can be anything mythological. I prefer Asian mythology but if you are more comfortable with other myths then that\’s fine. Below is the guideline for the paper. Let me know if you have any question.\”What can I write about?\”Anything mythological; you can even write about how to use our analytical approaches on a film or other modern work. If you\’re not sure if your topic is okay, go ahead and submit a proposal for it; points won\’t be lost if you end up having to come up with a new topic.The best advice for a paper with a topic this open is, pick something you like. It makes for a better paper, more fun for you to research and learn about, and tends to be more relevant to your life and interests.\”How will I be graded?\”First and foremost, I\’m looking to see that you know how to use the topic statement tool. Whatever topic you pick, please use the format in the website listed above.Secondarily, I\’ll be looking to see that your proposal is turn in on time.While I will be discussing your topic with you via audio feedback, I will not be grading you based on the quality of your topic. For this exercise, I will only be grading you on your ability to use this topic statement tool.This term paper will be your researched answer to the topic question. Please plan on your response being between 1500-2500 words, with the word count on the front page, formatted according to the MLA style. (For writing helps and a video introducing how to find MLA style, see The number of sources required is \”enough\”; please interpret this to mean that your paper has no set number of sources required, but should use enough sources to be professional and evidenced.Your paper will be graded according to (a) how well it answers your topic question, (b) if it has enough research and citations to make your answer believable and supported, and (c) to what degree your writing style is readable and allows your reader to focus on your content rather than spelling or grammatical errors.

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