Write a fully-developed essay based on your reading of in my hands.

Write a fully-developed essay based on your reading of In My Hands.  The essay should include an introduction with a clearly defined thesis, three supporting paragraphs with specific examples from the text, and a strong conclusion.  The essay should follow the conventions of Standard Written English and MLA format guidelines.



Irene faces many obstacles throughout the book In My Hands, and yet she finds a way to overcome them and persevere.  What is it about Irene’s character that enables her to survive?  Choose three specific quotes from the book that reveal Irene’s personality and demonstrate the kind of person Irene was. Explain why each quote is especially significant or meaningful in the creation of her identity.  Does the quote show a change in Irene from the beginning to the end of the book?





-Write in formal, academic prose! Meaning do not use “I” “me” or “you” in your writing (use “the reader” instead to refer to anyone who is reading the text)




-Do not use contractions in your writing! Don’t should be ‘do not’. Isn’t should be ‘is not’. Always spell things out – never abbreviate.




-Always stay in present tense when you are writing about literature. This is because works of literature are living texts, meaning the characters are always freshly doing the action of the story every time someone new reads the book. Even though we know the story took place a long time ago, we write about the story as if it is happening now.




Check your formatting! There should be no extra space between paragraphs and you must have an MLA formatted header/heading/title




-You must follow the outline on the backside of this sheet to write your Writing Assessment 2. If your essay is not written following this outline, it will not pass.

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