writing about philosopher Plato

Writing Papers

PHL 2040 Great Books in Philosophy

Gail Lichtenfels

  • Please put your name, your section #, and which paper #1, 2, 3, 4 or “extra credit” on the top left-hand corner of your paper
  • If your paper is a rewrite, please state that and make sure to include the original paper when you turn in a rewrite (one of the 4 papers  can be rewritten)
  • Title your paper; please use a descriptive title, one that gives information about your paper topic, avoid titles  like “Plato Paper”
  • Decide upon your type of paper, either analytical, argumentative,  or creative
  •                 Analytical paper= look at the material closely and analyze it; bring up questions; consider possible inferences; look for inconsistencies, etc.
  •                 Argumentative paper= take a position on some aspect of the course content and give reasons, argue your position
  •                 Creative paper=poetry, song, prose, any creative take-off on the material
  • Omit unnecessary rambling; read your first draft and omit anything that does not directly and uniquely pertain to your thesis; do not repeat yourself unnecessarily. Omit statements like “Plato was a great philosopher of the 4th century BCE” and get straight to the material at hand
  • Do not plagiarize, paraphrase without attribution, or quote at length from the text
  • Use clear language and define your terms
  • All essays must be typed, double spaced, with careful attention to grammar, spelling, and usage, each writing assignment must be least 250 words long and no longer than 500 words
  • If you are using sources other than our course texts please list sources at the end of the paper, including electronic sources, using MLA format

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