Writing instructions for health and safety manual for a company

The Scenario/Situation
You have decided to take a job as a Training Consultant for Zoo Computer Systems. Your job involves all sorts of interesting tasks such as writing instruction manuals, training office workers, demonstrating new software etc. However, in order to see how good you are, the boss has asked you to write some instructions a new Health and Safety Manual the company is developing, for staff with a Band 6 + IELTS.

Write instructions on how to assist a person who requires help in 3 of the following emergency situations:
• Is chocking or having breathing problems
• Appear to be having a heart attack
• Has a severe allergic reaction (Anaphylaxis)
• Appears to have hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)

Aspects to Consider
1. Safety
• One of the most important considerations when writing instructions is safety; this is largely because of liability suits.
• Write clear and concise safety information.
• Safety information should be prominent and easy to read. It is often printed in color and represented by symbols.
• Place safety information wherever you think the reader is likely to see it, and don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.
2. Audience
• Consider the background and skill level of your audience.
• Use the technical vocabulary and concepts your readers are going to understand.
• If you are addressing general readers, define technical terms and provide detailed directions.
3. Introduction – Include the preliminary information below in the introduction to your instructions.
• Perform the task as you write in order to detect errors and omissions.
• Ask these questions when beginning to draft instructions:
• Why should the reader carry out this task?
• When should the reader carry out this task?
• Who should carry out the task?
• What safety measures or other concerns should the reader understand?
• What items will the reader need?

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