Wydam Marketing Plan

MUST follow Template attached. Must Use materials from 6,7 most emphasis . but 9,10 a little as well. here is the linkhttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/zyivqw3pvt1wevb/AACUoOKJqfeCY8YQTH12qghxa?dl=0Case 2 is a Follow up from CASE 1 assignment challenges you to develop a marketing plan.final case assignment challenges you to develop a marketing plan, as well as control and evaluation procedures for the company you used in your first case (Wyndham or Scentsy).The purpose of this document is to assist you in completing the process outlined above. It is a useful planning tool because it helps to ensure that important information is not omitted from the marketing plan. Answering the questions on the following pages will enable you to:1. Organize and structure the data and information you collect during the situation analysis.2. Use this information to better understand a firm\’s strengths and weaknesses, and to recognize the opportunities and threats that exist in the marketing environment.3. Develop goals and objectives that capitalize on strengths.4. Develop a marketing strategy that creates or capitalizes upon competitive advantages.5. Outline a plan for implementing the marketing strategy.Your marketing plan will follow through upon the recommendation made in your first case. The purpose of this paper is to apply what you have learned. Review the information in chapters 1 through 10 as needed (with special emphasis on chapters 6 and 7). It is important that you take the time to read through chapter 9, as it deals with implementation and control. It may be worth scanning chapter 10 for tidbits that help you in designing your marketing plan.As this is an application of knowledge the majority of information presented in the marketing plan will be your own ideas. In some areas of the paper you may wish to justify your recommendations/marketing plan ideas via persuasive or logical arguments backed by facts that would require citation if not common knowledge.Format:Your analysis should be written in paragraph form, unless exceptions are noted. Remember to synthesize information when you address the questions within the various sections. Delete the actual questions shown under each heading. If additional subheadings would improve the organization and presentation of information, please feel free to use them.Please note: This case should be completed individually and must be your own work. Don’t copy information verbatim from the textbook or outside sources. Use the textbook to support your rationale or recommendations necessary. Simply copying sentences of information and putting quotes around them regardless of whether they are properly cited does not reflect graduate level work.Citation note: Remember to cite your sources appropriately, both in-text and at the end of the case. Similar to the first case, it is not necessary to cite information found in the case itself. When citing other content contained in the textbook chapters or information gleaned through outside sources, normal citation rules apply.Writing style note: Review the APA Writing Style Guidelines posted to Moodle.Submission note: You must submit your case in PDF format for grading.Please note that this template serves as a starting point for your marketing plan. It is flexible enough to accommodate the unique characteristics of the assigned case. Justification is critical for the marketing plan. Persuasive arguments based on outside evidence or logical reasoning will be helpful in that regard.Outline of the Marketing Plan

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