Yosemite National park


Yosemite National Park is America’s most elegant natural wonders and it has something to offer every hardcore outdoors enthusiasts to the ordinary travelers who like family vacation. The park lies in the heart California in the east central, just about 190 miles due east of San Francisco. In 1890, Yosemite was constituted into a national park, and this means that its animals, plants, and land are protected by the government. The park is widely known for its waterfalls, meadows, streams, forests and other natural places. Yosemite is also a habitat to many animals which includes the black bear, coyotes, and the bighorn sheep, just to name a few, while also owls, lizards, snakes, and fish are evidently harbored at the park.

The park is also home to the giant sequoia trees that can grow up to 300 feet tall and are the largest existing things in the world. Although millions of people annually visit Yosemite for fishing, skiing, hiking, and camping expeditions, it is sad to note that many people have not visited the park despite living near the park. I live in the Central Valley where I can bear witness to this unfortunate fact that most who were born and raised here have never ever visited the park. It is in this view that I would like to encourage people living in the area and the world at large into visiting Yosemite on the following ecological facts which brings out the park’s serenity.

I. Flora and Fauna

For first time visitors, you will be deeply impressed with the park’s colossal granite cliffs of El Capitan, the domes of Yosemite Valley, Tenaya Canyon, and the incredible stylish waterfalls. It’s also hard to miss the soaring peaks above Tuolumne Meadows despite Yosemite being predominantly covered by a forest green landscape (Swedo 18-25). One also can’t help noticing the changing natural scene on different elevations while driving up the highways 41, 120, or 140 (Schaffer 17).  This elevation changes are noticeably seen in the tree species, grasses, wild flowers, but shrubs, and animals. The allotment of species in this park is variably influenced by climate, topography, fire, soil, and also other species. Yosemite is home to more than 300 species of vertebrate animals in which 85 of these are mainly native mammals, and its also habitat to a rare species of bats, therefore a good location for educational tours.

II. Geology

One cannot also miss the park’s rocky terrain which is a historical result of a volcanic reaction that caused the encroachment of overlying rocks by molten granite. This also resulted to the formation of the renowned Yosemite Valley which is arguably world’s most spectacular phenomenon (Schaffer 42). Yosemite is also where you will find the well-known Tahoe and Tioga glaciers which is a result of the glaciation process that began in earnest by 2 million years ago, and I do encourage this audience to see these vastly talked-about Valleys and glaciers in the whole world.

III. Human History

Above all, this park will take us all back to the rich human history that this country posses. It is home to the Homo sapiens who are the indigenous inhabitants of the Yosemite Valley (Schaffer 24).  One will learn about the Ahwahnechee tribe and culture, and its people who wandered the Yosemite landscape in search of food, trade and tribal interactions. The park is affluent in the Indians history and culture including other nearby plant communities.



In conclusion, the Yosemite National Park not only brings out America’s natural beauty but it also represents other cultures and world observable facts that are only a few miles away. Its natural tranquility is excellent for social togetherness and expedition while also serving the sole purpose of appreciation of culture, natural beauty and history. So I do urge this audience to spare their time and take a visit to the Yosemite Natural Park where it’s best suited for experience, energy, time, and personal preferences, while its serenity exemplifies the true meaning of nature.

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