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Assessment Criteria



  1. Critically discuss the relevance of theories of consumer and buyer behaviour to different marketing situations



  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the contribution of marketing to different types of business organisations



  1. Select and apply a range of tools and techniques in marketing management with due regard to their benefits and limitations



  1. Evaluate the changing nature of marketing, particularly the role of e-marketing, and assess the contribution of these changes to marketing practice



  1. Adopt appropriate academic standards



Total Possible Marks



  1. Critically discuss the relevance of theories of consumer and buyer behaviour at your chosen organisation.  Compare consumer theories of buyer behaviour with business buying behaviour theories  (20)
  2. Explain how marketing contributes to your organisation.  Give examples of a marketing contribution at two additional and different types of business organisation  (20)
  3. Select and apply three marketing management tools and/or techniques for your selected organisation.  Explain their benefits and limitations both generally and to your chosen organisation (20)
  4. Evaluate the changing nature of marketing practice, placing emphasis on digital technologies.  Assess the contribution of such changes to your selected organisation (20)
  5. Adopt appropriate academic writing standards by: (20)
  6. Creating structure and content of your report as informed by the CAW resources and advice (see Academic Writing Standards below) (10)
  7. Providing in-text citations, bibliography and references as detailed in the CU Harvard Reference Style Guide  (10)
  8. Self-assessment.  Complete and submit.  No marks awarded for this task
  9. The Coursework Self –Assessment Checklist handout with particular attention to questions:

i.            How well does your coursework reflect the IMLOs?

ii.            Have you self-assessed your pre-submission assignment against the detailed assessment criteria below?

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